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This is where I plan to gather preprints, journalism and other writings that haven't been published or are no longer accessible -- the ones which I don't want to get lost, that is.


Forsyth, R.S., Clarke, D.D. & Ainsworth, S. (2007). Automatic Categogical Coding of Transcribed Talk: a program that forecasts its own future performance, Presentation at: CAQDAS 2007, Royal Holloway College, 19 April 2007. [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S., Ainsworth, S. & Clarke, D.D.(2007). An evaluation of self-prediction models for adaptive text-categorization. School of Psychology, Internal Report University of Nottingham, October 2007. [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. (2008). Notes on Authorship Attribution and Text Classification. Write-up of 2 talks given to the London Forum for Authorship Studies, December 2007 and March 2008. [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. (2009). Time's Pencil: some signs of ageing in the writings of eminent authors. Presentation to Division of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Southampton, 1 July 2009. [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. & Lam, P. (2009). Keyness as Correlation: notes on extending the notion of keyness from categorical to ordinal association. Presentation at: Corpus Linguistic Conference CL-2012, Liverpool, 23 July 2009. [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. & Garrard, P. (2010). Dementia Diagnostics from Discourse: An Exploration of the Writings of Two Famous Novelists. Poster presented at: ART Network Conference, Southampton, 17-19 March 2010. [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. & Grabowski, Ł. (2014). Is there a Formula for Formulaic Language? Presentation at: Formulaic Language Research Network 6th International Conference, Swansea, 15 July 2014. [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. (2016). The Evolution of BEAGLE: Confessions of a Mongrel Rule-Breeder. Keynote Presentation at: EvoStar / EuroGP Conference, Porto, 30 March 2016. [pdf here]
["Staircase of scientific serendipity" spreadsheet ].


Forsyth, R.S. (2012). In Praise of Fluffy Bunnies. [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. (2016). Before the Door Slams Shut. [pdf here]


Forsyth, R.S. (2002). Conference Season. [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. (2013). Everything I Know about Sex, in Case You Wanted to Ask. [pdf here]


Forsyth, R.S. (2009). Evolutionary Computation. Lecture at Loughborough University, 12 March 2009. [pdf here]
Forsyth, R.S. (2009). Cluster Analysis. Lecture at Loughborough University, 19 March 2009. [pdf here]

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