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(Selected) List of Publications:


Forsyth, R.S. (1971). Sense and sentences: on getting a computer to write poems. Dryad, 7/8, 16-19.  [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. (1977). The perfect run. Athletics Weekly, 31(52), 28-29, 24 December 1977.  [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. (1981). BEAGLE: a Darwinian approach to pattern recognition. Kybernetes, 10, 159-166.  [pdf here]
[published text here]

Forsyth, R.S. (1988). The trouble with AI. Artificial Intelligence Review, 2(1), 67-77.  [unexpurgated version here, pdf]
[published text here]

Forsyth, R.S. (1990). The strange story of the Perceptron. Artificial Intelligence Review, 4(2), 147-155.  [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. (1991). Towards a grounded morality. Changes, 9(4), 264-278.  [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S., Clarke, D.D. & Wright, R.L. (1994). Overfitting revisited: an information-theoretic approach to simplifying discrimination trees. Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence, 6, 289-302.  [pdf here]

Holmes, D.I. & Forsyth, R.S. (1995). The Federalist revisited: new directions in authorship attribution. Literary & Linguistic Computing, 10(2), 111-127.  [pdf here]

McKenzie, D.P. & Forsyth, R.S. (1995). Classification by similarity: an overview of statistical methods of case-based reasoning. Computers in Human behaviour, 11(2), 273-288.  [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. & Holmes, D.I. (1996). Feature-finding for text classification. Literary & Linguistic Computing, 11(4), 163-174.  [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S., Holmes, D.I. & Tse, E.K. (1999). Cicero, Sigonio, and Burrows: investigating the authenticity of the "Consolatio". Literary & Linguistic Computing, 14(3), 1-26.  [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. (1999). Stylochronometry with substrings, or: a poet young and old. Literary & Linguistic Computing, 14(4), 1-11.  [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. (2000). Pops & flops: some properties of famous English poems. Empirical Studies of the Arts, 18(1), 49-67.  [pdf here]
[Zipfile with data sources used in the study cited above, including 170 poetic texts, here.]

Forsyth, R.S., Clarke, D.D. & Lam, P. (2008). Timelines, talk and transcription: a chronometric approach to simultaneous speech. International J. of Corpus Linguistics, 13(2), 225-250. [pdf here]
[published text here]

Nerlich, B., Forsyth, R.S. & Clarke, D.D. (2012). Climate in the news: how differences in media discourse between the US and UK reflect national priorities. Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture, 6(1), 44-63. [pdf here]
[published text here]

Forsyth, R.S. & Sharoff, S.A. (2014). Document dissimilarity within and across languages: a benchmarking study. Literary & Linguistic Computing, 29(1), 6-22. doi: 10.1093/llc/fqt002 [preprint pdf here]
[for L&LC / DSH subscribers.]

Forsyth, R.S. & Lam, P.W.Y. (2014). Found in translation: to what extent is authorial discriminability preserved by translators? Literary & Linguistic Computing, 29(2), 199-217. doi: 10.1093/llc/fqt018 [preprint pdf here]   [published text here]

Forsyth, R.S. & Grabowski, Ł. (2015). Is there a formula for formulaic language? Poznań Studies in Contemporary Linguistics, 51(4), 511-549. doi: 10.1515/psicl-2015-0019 [preprint pdf here]   [published text here]

McDermott, J. & Forsyth, R.S. (2016). Diagnosing a disorder in a classification benchmark. Pattern Recognition Letters, 73, 41-43. doi: 10.1016/j.patrec.2016.01.04 [preprint pdf here]   [published text here]

Forsyth, R.S. (2016). The genesis of genetic programming: a frontiersman's tale. SIGEvolution, Newsletter of the ACM Special Interest Group on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation, 9(3), 3-11. [preprint pdf here]   [published text here]

Forsyth, R.S. (2018). The monstrous regiment of corporations. Resurgence & Ecologist, 306, January/February 2018. [unabridged text here, pdf]   [published version here, html]

Forsyth, R.S. & Holmes, D.I. (2018). The writeprints of man: a stylometric study of Lafayette's hand in Paine's 'Rights of Man'. Digital Humanities Quarterly, 12(1). [preprint pdf here]   [published text here]    [Zipped file containing corpus of texts by Tom Paine & control authors analyzed in the study reported above: tompaine.zip. ]

Forsyth, R.S. (2018). A People's Vote without a Referendum. OpenDemocracy.org, December 2018. [original text here, pdf]   [published version here, html]

Forsyth, R.S. (2020). Grandioza Finalo ĉe La Globo. La Brita Esperantisto, 988, 24-25. [author's text here, pdf] [but it looks nicer in the magazine, here]   [English version here]

Forsyth, R.S. & Peat, J. (2020). Could Liverpool win the premier league on penalty shootouts? The London Economic, 30 April 2020. [published version here] [author's original here]

Forsyth, R.S. (2020). Ĉu vi Vere Scias la Prezon de Viando? La Blanka Rozo, 286, Somero 2020, 3. [eldonita versio ĉi tie, pdf]   [English version here]

Forsyth, R.S. (2021). Sesdek ok de Sten Johansson; recenzo de Riksablo. La Blanka Rozo, 288, Printempo 2021, 5. [pdf]   [Reta versio: ĉi tie]

Forsyth, R.S. (2021). Adiaŭ al la Unuiĝinta Reĝlando? Ora Ĵurnalo, 39, Aprilo 2021, 9-12. [eldonita versio ĉi tie]   [aŭtora versio ĉi tie]


Forsyth, R.S. (1978). The BASIC Idea. London: Chapman & Hall Ltd. [Chapter 6: Character Strings, pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. (1982). Pascal at work and play. London: Chapman & Hall Ltd. [Chapter 2: A Preview of Pascal, pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. (1984) ed. Expert systems: principles and case studies. London: Chapman & Hall. [Chapter 2: The Architecture of Expert Systems, pdf here]
[2nd revised edition 1989.]

Forsyth, R.S. & Naylor, C. (1985). The hitch-hiker's guide to artificial intelligence. London: Chapman & Hall. [Chapter 10: AI: Future Trends, pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. & Morris, B. (1985). The BBC Basic idea. London: Chapman & Hall.

Forsyth, R.S. & Rada, R. (1986). Machine learning: applications in expert systems and information retrieval. Chichester: Ellis Horwood. [Part 1 (chapters 1-5), pdf here.]

Drapkin, A.T. & Forsyth, R.S. (1987). The punter's revenge: computers in the world of gambling. London: Chapman & Hall. [Chapter 12, The Art of Being Lucky, pdf here.]

Forsyth, R.S. (1988). From here to humanity. Nottingham: Pathway Publications. [Chapter 3: Some of my Best Friends are Robots, pdf here.]

Forsyth, R.S. (1989) ed. Machine learning: principles and techniques. London: Chapman & Hall. [Chapter 1: The Logic of Induction, pdf here]


Forsyth, R.S. (1990). Chapter 1: developments in artificial intelligence. In: Mirzai, A.R. (ed.) Artificial Intelligence: Concepts and Applications in Engineering. London: Chapman & Hall Ltd. pp. 3-34.  [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. (1994). Foreword. In: Chorafas, D.N. Chaos Theory in the Financial Markets. Chicago: Probus Publishing Co. pp. xvii-xix.  [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. (1996). IOGA: an instance-oriented genetic algorithm. In: Voight, H.-M., Ebeling, W., Rechenberg, I. & Schwefel, H.-P. (eds.) Parallel Problem Solving from Nature -- PPSN IV. Berlin: Springer.  [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. (1997). Deriving document descriptors from data. In: L. Dorfman et al. (eds.) Emotion, Creativity and Art. Perm, Russia. pp. 247-273.  [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. (1999). New directions in text categorization. In: Gammerman, A. (ed.) Causal Models and Intelligent Data Management. Berlin: Springer. pp. 151-185.  [pdf here]


Forsyth, R.S. (1990). Neural Learning Algorithms: some empirical trials. IEE Colloquium on Machine Learning, Thursday 28 June 1990, IEE, Savoy Place, London, Colloquium Digest No 1990/117. [First, shorter, version.]  [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. (1990). Neural Learning Algorithms: some empirical trials. Proc. 3rd International Workshop on Neural Nets & their Applications. Nîmes, 12-16 November, 1990. pp. 301-317. [Full version.]  [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S. (2002). It Ain't my Style: a study in authorship exclusion. The 2002 Annual Meeting of the Classification Society of North America, Madison, Wisconsin, 13-15 June 2002.  [pdf here]

Forsyth, R.S., Ainsworth, S.E., Clarke, D.D., Brundell, P. & O'Malley, C. (2006). Linguistic Computing Methods for Analysing Digital Records of Learning. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on e-Social Science, Manchester, 28-30 June 2006.  [pdf here]


Forsyth, R.S. (1979). Silicon Valley of the Dolls. Datalink, 8 May 1979.  [pdf here]
[Reprinted in Yazdani, M. & Narayanan, A. (1984) eds. Artificial Intelligence: Human Effects. Chichester: Ellis Horwood.]

Hexadecimal Kid Stories: here.

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